Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Patti MacArthur, Columnist: "Giving myself Imitrex for pain was the most painful feeling that I have experienced

I saw my MS doctor last week and he told him how I have been to the ER three times in the last two months for my migraines. They gave me a shot and and sent me home each time. My doctor said he has the same type of medicine in his office and he gave me samples to try out. He told me when the migraines gets to tough to use this needless injector and then wait two hours for the  if I still needed help with my migraines.

The first time my migraines got bad I chickened out and just took pain pills that didn't work. The second time they hit me two days later I got the guts to try it out. I opened up the one of the boxes and read how to break the glass top to get the aread ready for the medicine to leave the application. To be on the safe side I did use an alcohol preps for the area. I squeezed the muscle on my leg  like the directions told me to  and I didn't


I use to get help for my Tysabri treatments from the Cronic Disease Fund. I got a letter from them about 2 months ago that let me know that they have stopped covering my treatments months before I got the letter. I started to worry and wonder what my next steps would be? It is the only treatment that works for me and all the pill versions my MS doctor and I doesn't want to try and start using yet since Tysabri works really good for me. The MS Center started to make calls from other companies to try and help me with my treatments since after my insurance covers what it does each month I would still be responsible for over $700.00 out of pocket. I haven't been able to work in so long, that isn't an option.