Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Patti MacArthur, Columnist: "Giving myself Imitrex for pain was the most painful feeling that I have experienced

I saw my MS doctor last week and he told him how I have been to the ER three times in the last two months for my migraines. They gave me a shot and and sent me home each time. My doctor said he has the same type of medicine in his office and he gave me samples to try out. He told me when the migraines gets to tough to use this needless injector and then wait two hours for the  if I still needed help with my migraines.

The first time my migraines got bad I chickened out and just took pain pills that didn't work. The second time they hit me two days later I got the guts to try it out. I opened up the one of the boxes and read how to break the glass top to get the aread ready for the medicine to leave the application. To be on the safe side I did use an alcohol preps for the area. I squeezed the muscle on my leg  like the directions told me to  and I didn't
 think it would hurt since there was no needle involved. I pressed it on my leg firmly and instanly a force of rush of air and medicine went into my skin tightly.
 Giving myself Imitrex was the most painful feeling that I have experienced in a long time, it reminded me of the pain I use to get when I had to inject inject myself with Rebif years ago. I instantly told myself I would never use procedure again and just deal with the migraines like I have been.

The first hour after the invisible injection my headaches were gone. I thpught maybe the shots might be worth it but my migraines have to be a lot stronger before I break. Goning on my second hour after the shot, I felt drugged up like I had taken a lot of pain pills and then my headaches returned. The migraines were a lot worse than before I tried this type of injection. For two I had the lights turned off and begging for the pain to ease up with the help of Imitrex and Hydrocodone.

This was something I was willing to try to do instead of going back to the ER for the exact same type of medicine. I can say I have tried this medicine and wore the T-shirt to know better next time. If anyone knows of a better to use this procedure that won't leave ugly welts for days, the ugly bruises it leaves too, and the horrid pain that I can still feel, please let me know.