Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I use to get help for my Tysabri treatments from the Cronic Disease Fund. I got a letter from them about 2 months ago that let me know that they have stopped covering my treatments months before I got the letter. I started to worry and wonder what my next steps would be? It is the only treatment that works for me and all the pill versions my MS doctor and I doesn't want to try and start using yet since Tysabri works really good for me. The MS Center started to make calls from other companies to try and help me with my treatments since after my insurance covers what it does each month I would still be responsible for over $700.00 out of pocket. I haven't been able to work in so long, that isn't an option.

I got a letter today in the mail from a company called Active Access. It states how it receive my complete documentation for the The Free Drug Program and has evaluated my eligible to receive TYSABRI free of charge for up to two years. The physician or site administering TYSABRI therapy will be receiving the shipment of TYSABRI therapy from Accredo Pharmacy.

Please note: The program does not cover cost associated with the administration of TYSABRI therapy, such as office visits, other professional services, or infusion costs.

This is a great letter to have today since Thursday I go in for another Tysabri treatment that I can tell I am in need of. I already get help from anothec
If you know someone who has this disease and needs help on being on a treatment, please try and find out if there is a company out who is willing to help. I had to try and find a company along as ask for help with the MS Center. There are companies out that work with Tysabri like Biogen that doesn't want any MS Patient be without a treatment, especially if there is proof that the treatment works for them.
r company that helps the cost of the nurses charging me with the infusion costs and the time that I am being watched at the MS Center for this treatment.

Tysabri works great for me, my recent MRI showed nothing has changed of the MRI's before through the past 2 years.