Monday, December 30, 2013


I had to make an appointment with the MS Center yesterday to be seen this morning for help with my migraines. My "Pain" doctor has gotten tired of me trying to get help from her that she has passed the buck back to my MS doctor and his office to help me instead.

They saw me this morning. I told them about the severe migraines, how nothing I have used for it has helped me, and I am hurting to much to try and enjoy life anymore. The NP I saw understood what I was talking about and was looking at my medical notes to try and see if there was anything that she could help me with.

I asked her what her opinion was on Topamax for migraines? She told me that was the drug she wanted to put me on because she use to have severe migraines and it had worked well for her. She saw how I was on it for a short time in 2010 when my migraines first started but we both have no idea why it was stopped. She gave me the prescription to try again and told me to hang tight with the migraines until the middle of August when I see my MS doctor and have my MRI. She believes my next step if the Topamax doesn't work then my MS doctor will make me go see a professional medical doctor who specializes in dealing with migraines.

The NP did warn me and told me that I will lose weight from being on it as well. She told me not to worry if I can't wear my clothes any more that I am wearing now because of the medicine. I smiled and thanked her. I even told her that in a comic tone that I wanted to lose more weight, the size 4's I am wearing now wasn't small enough of when I lost my weight on purpose to get to the size 4's from a size 18. LoL

So we will see how the next few months will be like for me in the weight issues.